About Us

Summerstar will be held July 14-17, 2022

Summerstar is a private retreat held on private property near Olympia WA.  It’s a 4 day campout gathering and you will be welcomed with ceremonies and rituals of intention, prayers for peace, and workshops that might cover basic energy work to advanced wand making and its usage and anything/everything in between.  These workshops inspire engaged conversations about approaches to spirituality, day to day living, pagan living, parenting, solitary practice, tribal unity… you name it!  We also include a bit of acoustic live music, have games available for all ages such as giant Chess, we can set up a Quidditch Pitch in moments, and most importantly, it’s a chance for you to reconnect with your inner Divine.  Our village is a place to connect with you, friends and family as you follow your bliss for Magick, Spirit and Life – Come be with us! See membership link to find out how to attend. 

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If you’re just cruising the internet today and have stumbled upon this website, know that we are a loving, open and respectful community.  We are also a private and considerate community and we understand that our path is not for everyone, but for those of you who are sincere and have a genuine appreciation for humanity and our Planet Earth… well then, come on in… The Waters are fine, calm and rejuvenating.  You can also subscribe to the PFA Gazette which is published a few times a year and provides Summerstar News during the months just prior to the retreat.  You’ll also find information about local happenings and cool stuff we like to share (like drum lessons, inspired ideas, PFA club activities, and such around the south sound in WA State).

Our History

Summerstar is a private spiritual and family retreat of all ages.  Our first gathering was held in June 1993 along the Columbia River in southern WA. The inspiration to do this thing came directly from Starwood, an annual pagan festival still thriving in Ohio! Starwood’s eclectic energy and experimental rituals were the seed of influence in our early rituals.  At the time, we were involved with the community of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship founded by  Isaac Bonewits, who was without a doubt a powerful influence.   Isaac’s question, Why Not Excellence? was and continues to be a founding principle that guides us yearly.

Summerstar is not a church, nor do we have any followers, or any specific spiritual leaning.  Rather, we are a collection of individuals, tribe and close friends who get to visit each other in sacred space.  Our practices and specific way of offering praise and thanks differ, but we all agree that it is our love of our Earth Mother and the opportunity to serve Our Gods and each other in humility that bring us together.

We are a Cadre of Seven, 7 dear friends who are devoted to Summerstar and work tirelessly in the few months leading to the retreat to get things ready for You!  All of us respect each person’s unique approach to Spirit and understands that everyone’s path is actualized differently.  To help realize this, we facilitate the venue for you to be in sacred space so that you can find your own connection to Divinity, the God of your Heart, or however that manifests.

Growth always encompasses change and after 22 years of celebrating in the south of WA along the Columbia River Gorge, we are now located on private property near Olympia WA. We are fast approaching the 30 year mark (??). The love and energy as we anticipate the return to our village each year inspires and renews our vigor and ability to open even further, which re-affirms our connection to the Work.  It is this devotion we wish to share with every single person who attends Summerstar.

 …. She changes everything she touches and everything She touches changes…

So, if you are new to our gathering, or returning we say be welcome, come join us, relax, hang your hat and set a spell… we are so looking forward to meeting you and sharing time in Sacred Space and together we will get to play between the worlds.

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The Magick

We invite you to share in the magick by participating as an individual. There are no requirements, you will decide how deeply you’ll participate based on your own spiritual calling and magickal path.  No one will mind if you just happen to hang out near your tent and just eat, sleep and relax.

For many of us, we return each year so that we can explore the nurturing and healing of our individual selves and the human tribe as a whole.  You will find rituals led by folks who have a more traditional approach to Spirituality and others who are more eclectic, or experimental in their approach.  It may be that you find yourself attending a working that may be that catalyst that inspires you to something truly wondrous, or simply opens the window on a different perspective.  Summerstar has become a place to continue your journey as you create change in conformity with your Will.

While at Summerstar

There are lectures, discussions, workshops, games such as giant chess and checkers, we can set up a Quidditch pitch, there are musical guests and plenty of time to relax and rest.

If you want to offer a workshop, or facilitate a discussion, email us with your topic and a short description. Depending on the number of workshops and discussions, events may overlap, yet people are drawn to what they need most and you’ll find you won’t miss out on what you need. The final schedule of events is posted on site, but a preliminary schedule will be posted on line as things are scheduled.

About the Work & Will

Each ritual (or working) is a bringing together of our energies so that we can work together as a tribe to manifest change. The Magick begins when you agree to suspend your disbelief and begin an inner journey of transcending space and time.  Rituals are led by those who are inspired and are influenced by the needs of the times, or perhaps sense direct inspiration by the Gods.

The word Will references a way of life, a philosophy and general mindset.  When I use the word “Will”, I’m referencing the impetus of my being.  It’s that very tangible aspect of our life that motivates what we do and why we do it.  The Thelemites say Love is the Law, Love under Will… Dumbledore reminds us that Love above all else is the oldest magick, combine that with clear intention, or Will and change manifests.

Some Village Logistics

Summerstar is about growth, understanding and acceptance. It’s about moving beyond the boundaries imposed by yourself, others and our own inability to cope outside of our experiences. We embrace sincerity and genuine curiosity about what makes us, changes us and drives us as people. We encourage stepping up to the unknown and moving forward with the strength of our collective Wills to guide us. Finally, we hope that you will move and grow in accordance with your own Will.

Where we are

Our new location is on private property near Olympia WA. You must be a member to attend (see above). The site is primitive and there is water onsite, but you are encouraged to bring your own drinking water: think Burning Man provisions – pack it in/pack it out please. 

General camp gear is a necessity and you’ll need to pack enough food for 4 days.  We serve breakfast and enjoy a family style banquet potluck dinner on Saturday evening.  Portable toilets are provided, but you’ll need to bring your own solar shower.

RV’s for dry camping are more than welcome, but there are no hookups.  Those bringing RV’s or campers will need to remember to pump and fill up with water ahead of time.  Finally, we request that you pack out your recyclables and trash.  We encourage everyone to leave no trace and keep your footprint as unobtrusive as possible.

We look forward to seeing you and know that your added presence will enhance our gathering in what is truly a magickal village. 

Walk in Peace!


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