The Magical Work

A ritual is the enactment of a myth.  By participating in the ritual you are participating in the myth.  And since the myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of the psyche, by participating in the myth, you are being as it were, put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom that is inherent within you anyhow.  Your consciousness is being reminded of the wisdom of your own time. – Joseph Campbell



-Specific songs and other information about each of the rituals will be shared in the Information Booklet.


The magick this year has been brewing quite literally since the day we drove home from our old village last year.  We spent 22 Sun Returns there.  Twenty two seasons of growing, learning with some lessons easy, others a bit harder. 

From the very first year I was enchanted with the meadows and the trees surrounding the park.  The whimsical creature that would greet me as I blessed and laid a spell of love and protection were so enriching. The mystical Ravens would fly overhead and greet us as we arrived each year, calling out to us and telling us about their new babies, or what’s been happening since we last saw them.

 The deer, the trees, the fairy creatures, both wild and wispy welcomed us each year and walked with us to the door as we left after a weekend of bliss.  So it was so very sad to say goodbye, for the last time last year.  All those memories floating around me and everyone…

But we really didn’t say goodbye… rather we said thank you and we wished the land and fairy people a fond farewell, for we wished our old home the best and while we knew we would miss it, we knew that we would embark on a journey to plant new seeds because our new home was waiting for us.  Waiting to bid us welcome…

Our journey of 22 Seasons has been that of the Fool, making hir way along the path of beauty, mystery and joy.  We are so thrilled and excited to stretch out and greet the land that awaits us.  From the Fires of the past, we shall rise up and happily glance backwards for just a moment, but then stretch our necks forward and spread our wings to embrace a new beginning. We shall land in a wondrous pasture, surrounded by trees and other elegant creatures of our new home, our new village. 

Our work parties this past year and the visits by each  of the Team of Seven, along with many of you has been an inspiration.  It’s been hard, but rewarding work.  We have literally been sowing wonderful seedlings of richness and love these past few months that when we all arrive in just a few short weeks, we’ll just be bursting with energy!  I can see and envision our new home, just waiting in peace and stillness, expecting us.  I can’t wait to circle with everyone, to drum and sing and dance and sit and listen and watch and just be prepared to be Amazed by it all.

Join us, won’t you?  We’ll start our 23rd year with the mystery of the 7 pointed Star… with our Brooms held high, ready to set flight to weave our spell of healing, light and wonder…

I am walking in the Wisdom of her Generosity… serving the Gods I adore and Working for Her Magick, Spirit and LIFE – Miria