The Magical Work

Mythology is the language of the self speaking to the ego system.  The Ego System has to learn to interpret it… Perhaps the Journey we have embarked upon seeks to unravel the mystery of our Ego and our outward expression of Ego reflects where we are on the Journey (co-mingled thoughts inspired by Joseph Campbell)

Reverence and Acceptance…these words heal and inspire us and maybe intimidate us a bit.  As pagans we turn to nature, the cycle of the seasons to help us understand, guide and teach us.   Our western and mundane world thinks it can learn to manipulate and control, but I think we find that it’s best to work with Her and find our niche within.  The Mysteries, as they reveal themselves, teach us to accept Nature as she is. We must move in accord with the universe, and when that happens things just seem to be easier, peace and harmony are the natural byproducts when our focus is on Giving.

To achieve, or return to a state of balance and harmony, when we gather in Circle and create that space and time, when we remove the distractions of the mundane and only focus on One Thing, we get a chance to glimpse a perspective on the universe that can only be described as Divine.  

When we examine the myths, our culture and history, it seems that human kind has always appreciated the Wonder of Beauty.  We recreate scenes from nature in our paintings, our songs, our books.  We spend countless hours admiring sunsets, sunrises… it’s no wonder that images of a person with eyes closed and a look of absolute peace puts most of us at peace as well.  

Think globally, act locally is a slogan that translates into action a way to give back to the community where we live, day to day.  I think taking the time to reflect in reverence, in ritual, in shared space contributes to the energy and sends a healing outward.  Every time we do this, we have the opportunity help redirect and open more eyes and hearts to infinite possibilities.  If we can be open to all the possibilities out there, our world will be so much calmer, peaceful.