• Autumn… It feels like Autumn

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    And all the turning leaves, the fresh bite in the air and the sleepy memories of times gone by.  This is what crossed my mind as I sat out on our front porch this early evening.  

    The sun was still visible… we had just had a break in our dry spell, which lasted 52 days.  The latter part made stifling and harsh by the dry haze and hot winds blown down from BC.  The wild fires have caused such smokiness and has made breathing a challenge for many in it’s path.

    The brief rain spell we had was just enough to push much of that away, but in it’s wake I sniffed the faint traces of the end of summer.

    huh… Well… Seasons do change when they are ready to change, regardless of how it’s spurned on, or what-ever the catalyst.

    And that brings me to my very pensive mood.  Or rather, maybe it accounts for this latest bout of deep reflection.  It’s been a tough, yet interesting year so far.  I’ve embarked on a body/health changing venture.  One that I’m 1/2 way to the “mark”, but feeling a bit plateu’d out…

    I also seem to have embarked on yet another soul searching adventure where I need to decide how I’ll deal with un-popularity.   We are such social beings and social interaction and relationships are what makes us tick.  Yeah… I know many of us think, we can get along without so and so just fine, or we don’t need that person… Or that thing, or what-not.  But that simply cannot be true.  At the end of the day, we each seek a measure of approval, acceptance and love from each other.  It’s well and good to be well set and personally grounded – and thank goodness for those who are… 

    But when faced with adversity, or facing direct opposition (full on or good old back stabbing “pillow fighting” ways)… We as people find that we have to deal with those inner emotions and feelings.  Confusion, anger, hate, happiness, joy, or loving and validated relationships are all part of the human experience.  Navigating how these emotions play out is what makes and challenges who we are and what we strive to become.

    I read post after post on the Facebook of when people publicly cry out in “insert emotion”…. Looking for validation, feedback, acceptance… Basically some-one to help soothe and ease hurt feelings, or share in the joy of what-ever.  And I wonder.  

    Seriously – what type of emotional evolution, if that’s what one can even call it… Are we going through.  I would even argue that we’re actually de-evolving emotionally because when we cry out to the Internet Void… I’m not so sure that we’re getting the response that’s anywhere near nurturing, healing or even helpful.  It seems to lack a true sense of interaction.  Rather an extension of what could be… But there’s no real sustenance.  

    Take for example this situation:  2 folks were dissatisfied about a service fee.  One began by citing a seemingly loving response, but in reality cloaked true feelings with an opinion clouded with assumptions that are one sided.  The other began by stating the problem as they saw it and citing personal facts that would help bolster their opinion and extended what was a seeming willingness for dialogue in return.

    But unfortunately, when attempting to respond and get a conversation boing, it turns out that there was no intention to talk about anything. It was easier to just bitch in a one way letter and then not take any responsibility for engaging in a true conversation.  I guess that’s really par for the course… Unhappy people rarely look for true happiness or resolution… 

    And that leads me back to the lack of “social” graces that I sadly find in abundance in today’s world.  Everyone just stands on a soap box, pontificating to an empty void (yeah, yeah.. This blog is case in point, right?)

    And so… With the changing season, dipping to the Fall… I am pensive and I think back to days gone by.   I’m not so sure that people were ever truly polite to each other – maybe that’s my cynicism talking… But I do wish that People were a bit more honest with themselves and were willing to just cut each other some slack… Or better yet – understand when assumptions have been made and take the extra step backwards when given the opportunity.  I dream of days gone by… That I wish were days ahead when people would just stop… And pick up the phone, or even reply to an email letter.  Engage in a two way conversation… Come what May… And maybe we can see what can happen, or transpire.

    huh… Anyway… That’s what’s on my mind.

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