Go Fund Me

Summerstar is transforming!  After 22 years, we are moving to a new home.  With this move, we are re-inventing how we meet, greet and create magick together.  We are going to break new grounds in the Spirit and Magickal community and see if we can build a sustainable community where everyone contributes in the way they best can.

For the last 22 Summerstars, you all have contributed by way of a site fee.  As such, we have never instituted a mandatory work effort while attending Summerstar because we figured this was more of a vacation.  As our guests, I wanted folks to be able to  sit and relax without feeling obligated to “have to do anything”, except participate at what-ever level and in what ever manner suited.

With the move to our new home, we realized that we could change things up a bit.  At our closing village meeting last year, the posse talked about ways we could reduce site fee’s, but still be able to handle any remaining overhead.

So, an option we are going to try is a Go Fund Me campaign.  See if we can raise the money for the basic overhead  and fore-go a site fee.

From a magickal perspective, I think this will really manifest into something wondrous. For those of you who know me (Miria), you’ll know that I have a very old school sensibility when it comes to work, paying for things (read that as being accountable) and exchange of energy.  In fact, the very first and last Summerstar rituals explored the concept of the Worship Bargain (as coined by Isaac Bonewits).  

It’s a bargain that we make with our Gods.  We agree that our Gods are an inherent part of us, they grant us things, show us things, make things possible, and so on… and in turn, we agree to sustain our Gods, we agree to do this by way of our Magickal Work, our priesthood, clergy, community involvement, you name it.  It’s a bargain where if we provide, we also expect to be provided for.  It’s an ebb and flow of energy exchange that reaps rewards over time, immediately, or some-where in between. 

And it’s that exchange of energy that we are shifting… we are placing that bargain into everyone’s hands – into your hands directly.  Each person who joins us for Summerstar 2017, our 23rd gathering, will be contributing just as they always have, but the stakes are a bit higher.  Meaning, you’ll decide how to contribute and we are relying on your contribution. 

We’re going to take a leap into the arms of self-sustenance, journey an untried path and see what we create.  The past 3 work parties have confirmed the spirit and love and dedication to our gathering as shown by everyone who helped, even those who wanted to but couldn’t, but sent their love and energy.  And that is so amazing and heartwarming.  

So please, if you are able, head on over to the Go Fund Me page and contribute what you can.

Or – join us for a Work Party Day and help us transform our new home

Or – or help us while at Summerstar (we’ll likely still need help with things)

Or any combination or all of the above!  As always, we do this for Magick, for Spirit and for Life!

Walk in Wisdom – Miria