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Summerstar will be held July 14-17, 2022!!  Yes indeed… we are so looking forward to our Sacred Village and seeing YOU!  (We will fix the banner page soon!)

Fees: $50 per adult membership — Kids 0 to 17 years are free

Vendors* see page for additional requirements

To register – please send payment (via snail or paypal – links coming after first of the year!)

Include the following:

Your Name


Proof of Vaccination for Covid19* (email copy of vaccine card, or your attestation – basically You Affirm you have received vaccination for Covid19 – thanks!

Snail Mail Address

Contact Telephone#

Email Address

 Your membership with the Primitive Festival Alliance auto-magickally registers you for Summerstar, our annual campout at Fir Hollow.  Your membership keeps the infrastructure going like potties, insurance and site maintenance/fees (all the mundane things!).  

*COVID19- we require proof of vaccination for Covid19 in order to attend Summerstar.  It’s a decision motivated by desire for Do No Harm.  We absolutely understand if this requirements will mean we miss each other… and we respect your choice for Your Personal sense of Health and Safety.  We honor You as I know you honor US! -Miria

Questions – please email Miria directly: