Register & Membership

Registration/Membership Dues are $50, paid annually by July 4th 

Dues are per each person (18yrs and up) and kids are free as they are included with your membership. 

Your membership with the Primitive Festival Alliance auto-magickally registers you for Summerstar, our annual campout at Fir Hollow.  Your membership keeps the infrastructure going like potties, insurance and site maintenance/fees (all the mundane things!).

HOW to Pay your Membership dues: 

Membership Dues can be paid from August 1 through July 4th annually via snail mail to:  POB 12146, Olympia WA 98508 

Include the following: Legal Name, your Spirit name if you wish, physical postal address, email address and a working contact telephone number.  Note that kids 17yrs and younger are always free and included with your membership.

We’ll add the PayPal option back in when we get the bugs worked out, but you can always snail mail a check/money order anytime (plus you save a bit on the PayPal fee).

Questions – please email Miria directly: