Membership with the Primitive Festival Alliance includes:  attendance at all PFA private events (Summerstar, Cooking Club, Drum Jams, Weekenders), our e-newsletter the PFA Gazette (un-abridged), plus what-ever the Cadre might be up to like the PFA table at NORWESCON!

Questions, email Miria  directly ( please allow 2-5 days for response.

To complete your membership information, please snail mail the following and send membership dues to address below.  

Link to the online form: Once you’ve downloaded the form, you may either email it to (subject line should read Membership, or snail mail it to the address below:

Annual Dues:  $50 per Adult (18yrs and older)  You’ll get an email confirming your membership.  Membership Cards are still being developed, should be done by May 15th.

If you can’t download the form, please provide the following.  Be certain to list a contact email and phone number in case we have questions.  Missing info results in delays.

  • Your Name
  • (Optional) Names of spouse (used only to link partners- all adults must have own membership number)
  • Complete Snail Mail Address
  • Working Phone Number
  • Email address
  • List names and ages of underage children you wish to list with your membership
  • Amount enclosed $_______ 

Plan to attend Summerstar 2018?  Confirmation Indication will be sent for those marked YES

Yes ____    Age ____ (indicate age as of July 1, 2018)   No _____

Children attending?  Yes ______   Age _____ 

Members may vend, but need to adhere to Vending Policy.

Confirmation ID required for attendance at Summerstar

Pay Membership with PayPal, includes $3.00 fee (to avoid the fee, snail mail check/money order


Send Membership Dues and Info to:

Primitive Festival Alliance


POB 12146

Olympia WA 98508