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Summerstar will be held July 14-17, 2022. That’s a Thursday through Sunday, 3rd weekend in July!!  Be sure to send in your registration so we’ve got a head count and know how much to prep for breakfasts and Sat Nite banquet. Registration will be CLOSING first weekend in July.

Fees: $50 per adult — children up to 17 years attending with parent/legal guardian are free.

CLICK HERE if you want to pay via PayPal (includes the fees and such)

Vendors welcome, please head to the vendor page for how to register you and your booth as well as full details about vending at Summerstar.

To register for the weekend* please send full payment and include the following details:

Your Name _____________________

Names and ages of any children attending with you ________________________


Street/Postal Mail Address/City/State/Zip________________________________________

Contact Telephone_____________________________________________

Email Address__________________________________________________

Total number of adults:_____ Total number of children:_____ Total payment enclosed: $_____

If sending payment via check/money order, please include both payment and registration information and send via US Mail to:


Attn registration

POB 12146

Olympia WA 98506

*Proof of Negative PCR Covid test or Vaccination for Covid19 Registering for Summerstar affirms that you are vaccinated against COVID 19, or have a negative PCR test within 3 days of the event.

COVID19- we require a negative COVID test within 3 days of 7/14/22 or vaccination for Covid19 in order to attend Summerstar.  This decision is motivated by… and Ye Harm None.   In a nutshell, if you were to get COVID and died because you attended our event, or you infected some-one else and they died, we would not like that.  We absolutely understand if this requirement means you won’t be attending.  We respect your choice for your own personal sense of health and safety — as we honor you — we know you honor us. ~Miria

Questions – please email Miria directly: