How Can I Help?

Email Miria if interested in volunteering your time

DutyCheck in at# people neededStill need help?
Banquet clean upSat 7:30pm2sure!
Breakfast ServerFri, Sat, Sun (shift is 9-11:30 am)2sure!
Potty & wash tub
3 times daily, Thurs, Fri, Sat2if you can 🙂
Grounds/Trash/Recyclingworks with Lee2always helpful 🙂
Village Crierworks with Robin2Always helpful:)

Job Description:

Land Steward:  Volunteers on own time and just goes above/beyond (must be reviewed and approved by Miria)

Village Crier/INTERN: Be punctual (not pagan time) have strong voice that won’t wear out, able to walk site perimeter frequently and not tire out (you can bring a bike!), able to take direction and then follow through and work well with Summerstar staff and workshop presenters. Schedule and updates will be provided.

Potty and wash tub maintenance: sweeps out potties (upper ones only) at least 3 times per day 11 am, 4 p.m. and7 p.m. replaces water in the hand wash stations for both upper and lower. Broom and tubs provided.

Breakfast Clean up: clean up Pavilion after Fri/Sat/Sun breakfasts – show up 11am, clears off tables, sweeps pavilion area, empties garbages, general straitening up.

Banquet Set up: works to set up banquet area – push tables together, set tables and place feast items.

Banquet Clean up: clears tables, sweeps, washes dishes, washes pots/pans from banquet.