Registration is open!

BUT…we’ve got some major changes we want to communicate, so please take a moment to digest what we have listed here.

Site Capacity is limited and completing the registration form does not confirm your attendance


The biggest change is that all registrations must be snail mailed to the address listed below.  There will be no online, no emailed registrations accepted.   Site capacity is limited, so be sure to get your registrations in ASAP. 

Confirmation ticket is required for attendance and confirmations will be sent every Saturday for registrations received in the prior weeks. 

Confirmation Ticket will be sent only to the primary registrant

We will be matching the registration details to the primary registrant, which should only be for you, your immediate spouse and immediate children.  DO NOT register anyone else, they need to register on their own.  Questions, email Miria  directly at (no FB)

Please keep reading…

We’re doing it this way because this allows everyone an equal opportunity to gain admittance as we do expect to reach capacity.  Upon receipt (in the order of post mark) you will be sent a registration confirmation number which you will need in order to attend.   Site capacity is limited due to land and logistical constraints.  If you can’t print it out, be certain that you list all of the required data as incomplete registrations will mean a delay in getting your confirmation. 

Here’s the skinny about the changes:

As we embark on our 23rd Summerstar, we begin a new journey, a new era and we’re going to experiment with some things.  As we morph into our new space and community, we are working on the best way to fund Summerstar without asking for a specific site fee.  Yep, translates to: no site fee this year. 

However, while attendance will be at zero cost to those who are confirmed to attend, we still need to provide for the basics which are the potties, insurance and our banquet.  (There’s other costs, but these are the biggies). This is where we need the combined efforts of everyone who attends to help us achieve our goal.

We have set up a Go Fund Me campaign* to cover these basic costs and we are hoping that each person will contribute however they can.  We also have our work parties to get the land ready and we’ll also need help while onsite.

We understand that it’s not just money that makes Summerstar “tick”, it is the magick, the spirit and life we all breathe into our gathering, that that is what makes Summerstar.  We are confidant that each person will find the best way they can contribute to the success of Summerstar and that contribution will take the form of helping out in shaping the land, contributing to the Go Fund me, a combination of this, or perhaps something not even yet imagined.  Together, let’s just see what we can manifest this year, shall we?

To register download and complete the registration form.  Please be certain you answer all questions on the form.  Incomplete registration forms will be returned.

*Minors must attend with their legal guardian/parents.

Directions: If you are part of a tribe, each member of your tribe will need to register on their own.  This ensures that those who register and are confirmed are serious and will attend.  Print, or download the registration form, complete in full and mail via snail mail to address listed on the form.


If you cannot print the registration form, please send the following via snail mail (NO online or email registrations accepted).  Be certain you list a contact email and phone number in case we have questions.  Missing info will result in delays.

  •  Your Name
  • Additional Name
  • Compete Snail Mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Number of adults
  • List names and ages of underage children

How will you contribute (must indicate at least one way) ?

    • Go Fund Me
    • Work Party
    • Help on site

Please do not register anyone other than yourself, your immediate spouse and your underage children.

Vending is open to anyone who wants to vend, but you’ll need to check out the VENDING information so you’re aware of how that will work this year.

Workshops/lectures are encouraged and welcome!  If you’d like to offer a topic, please send a brief description, duration and 3 possible time slots.    You can include your topic with your registration, or email your workshop topic and summary directly to



POB 12146, Olympia WA 98508

Email: for any questions!