Work Party Weekends

NEXT WORK PARTY IS Saturday, May 26

11am to 5pm 

You may arrive earlier and/or stay later or even camp out!  Just be sure to email Kendall ahead of time for arrangements.

If you don’t have any plans over the long weekend, join us as we head over to Fir Hollow to get her all nice and fixed up!

Plus – there’s a Cooking Club get-together on the 27th (Sunday) over @ Robin n Miria’s, just a quick drive from Fir Hollow

Site location is never published online.  If you have never been please  email Kendall for directions.

Our focus will be:

Forest clean up (make more camping in the woods!)

Firepit & Banquet Hall 

**note, there will be a work party on Sat June 9th and the rest will actually follow post Summerstar.  

YOU are active, take and follow directions well, work well with others, are in good shape, are mobile, can take lots of stooping, bending, shoveling, reaching, hauling, dragging and able to commit to 3-6 hours. 

PLEASE BRING: you’re own work-gloves, GOOD water/mud proof boots, warm/cool clothing/rain gear, sun block, insect repellent and a change of clothing, shovels, handheld tree branch saws, garden tools.

The Cadre will provide dinner, hot coffee/tea/cider/beer, loads of energy, enthusiasm and massive appreciation for anything and everything people offer.

Please note:  Participating in our work parties is a volunteer effort of love, labor and light, we know it takes many hands, enthusiasm and skill and we are so appreciative of your Gift of Time- Thankyou!