Weekend Highlights

We are still on hiatus until the pandemic is under control.

Below information is from Summerstar 2019 and is just a glimpse of how our time between the worlds shapes up.

R&R & Music & Talent

Talent is always in abundance!  When we meet again, plan on bringing your dinner to our central meadow and enjoy a picnic while our friends bring their best!

Games at Summerstar

We love to play and get rambunctious!  We have the equipment for a Quidditch Pitch, Giant Chess, Giant Checkers and lots of fun field space for sky viewing.  It’s just waiting for YOU!  Fun for kids of all ages and abilities.  


Want to host a workshop, facilitate a discussion, offer a ritual (day hours)?

email Miria to get scheduled

Final schedule & times are posted onsite

Drum Workshop  (The boyz)

Tips, practice and just plain drumming! Plus, if you’ve been following the Chakra Rhythms posted in the PFA Gazette, we’ll be incorporating those rhythms into our Jam sessions!

Sacred Imagery  (Audry)

Create custom works of art on clothing, alter cloths or banners. PLEASE bring your own COLORED medium; Such as T-shirts, jeans, fabric etc. Dark, bright, bold colored clothing or fabrics.  This is a great family activity and an excellent way to create unique memorabilia from your time at Summerstar.  Dress to get messy!  Children under 10 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Henna Party! (Chele)

Join me for a henna party! Adorn your self with the sacred pigments of our land and learn a bit about this ancient form of body art. Designs start at $10

Wand Design (Robin)
Robin will share with you his own exploration of this ancient and wondrous craft.  Robin has been crafting and working with wands for several seasons and has recently been invigorated with the love and joy of hand crafting these precious mediums of living energy.
Scotch with Scott (Scott of course!)
Bring a bottle of your favorite scotch and be prepared to present it to the group!  
Luminary Designs (Earthbound Productions)
We’ll craft some small luminaries together so that you’ll have something fun to carry for that twilight, or after dark ritual!  Thankyou to Earthbound Productions (they sponsor Olympia’s Procession of the Species and annual Illuminated Ball)
Batik your Prayers!
(Earthbound Productions)
We have plenty of tjantings, die, paints, wax – come and create something that inspires you and reflects your inner beauty as you honor your Self, your Ancestors and Gods


Got something to share, art to teach, ideas that need expressing!  Share it! Send your topic, brief description and we’ll get you scheduled. 

To schedule your workshop, send us your topic, bio, and preferred meeting time (suggested length is 1 hour) which will be listed in the info booklet if received by June 10th, all are posted on the website if notice received by July 10th for pre-scheduled workshops.

IMPROMPTU workshops are welcome, just sign up on site as well.

If your are offering a workshop/panel, we will leave it up to you to coordinate your space, and announcements.  At Summerstar, get with Minion Prime to get your workshop announced during breakfast