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We’re happy to welcome our musical guests, Elizabeth Hummel and the Hinges to Summerstar 2017


Elizabeth Hummel & FriendsWhile living in San Diego, Elizabeth won “Best Acoustic Artist,” and performed in the Lilith Fair. She has released eight albums on Brew Records, and continues to write and record.  Now in Olympia Washington, she performs often, tours occasionally, and hosts a twice monthly concert series called Waterwitch Presents.
Elizabeth has composed hundreds of timeless tunes, with lyrics inspired by myths, nature, and just living.   On stage she is funny and real, playing guitar, banjo, and Appalachian dulcimer to accompany a pure and authentic voice.  Elizabeth’s music reflects her heritage and speaks to the heart about what really matters.
For booking, licensing, or other inquiries:
Karen Hancock and Danny Kelly have been on parallel paths for 30 years or more. The general arc of the universe being what it is leaves us with no straight lines and a sudden convergence of creative forces.
The Hinges explore the not so straight line and their mutual love, of American folk,
jazz, experimental and psychedelic music as well as the evolution and history of
American harmony singing and songwriting.
The Hinges
The LumenWe will get you moving and keep you smiling! Our sound is influenced by The Grateful Dead, The Band, Phish, Neil Young and The Rolling Stones. We play a mixture of cover and original tunes.


Primitive Games at Summerstar




Quidditch & other fun games, such as Giant Chess, Giant Checkers and such will be available!  Fun for kids of all ages and abilities.   You can find out about Quidditch via the International Quidditch Association  GET YOUR BROOM ON!


Want to host a workshop, facilitate a discussion?  (see below for details)

Final schedule & times are posted onsite

Drum Workshop  (The boyz)

Tips, practice and just plain drumming! Also, we’ll be learning several rhythms that will be played at the Sacred Fire all weekend. By the time you head home, you’ll be able to lead your own Drum Circles!

Sacred Imaging  (Audry)

Create custom works of art on clothing, alter cloths or banners. PLEASE bring your own COLORED medium; Such as T-shirts, jeans, fabric etc. Dark, bright, bold colored clothing or fabrics.  This is a great family activity and an excellent way to create unique memorabilia from your time at Summerstar.  Dress to get messy!  Children under 10 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Introduction to Astronomy (Antony Wolfmoon)

Join Antony for a scintillating discussion on astronomy and explore the topic of Earth as a sphere, ancient astronomers, the pyramids, Stonehenge, why we have seasons and see how it relates to the Wheel of the Year!  WE LOVE SCIENCE!!!

Bread Making  (Bones)

Friday – 10:00 am (duration: about four hours)

Bread making is a sacred task. Using ingredients from the spaces & soil of the earth to create something that fills the body with what it needs. You adjust to your body’s needs as well. Whether it with wheat, wheat-free, whole grain or even dairy-free.

Using your hands and you find yourself willing to devote a small amount of time to the task. Making your own bread brings a sense of warmth, smells of divine baking, and creates happy friends & family.

You can use the time to make, bake, and share bread as a spiritual practice. During the workshop, we will be making the bread for the potluck dinner on Saturday. Mixing and baking supplies along with white and whole wheat flour and will be provided. You are welcome bring your own ingredients.  NOTE: The workshop will be limited to four participants.

The Sacred Bee (Seanachai Moonfyre)

…has been calling…  Join me in this candid discussion on the Sacred Bee and her connections to the Divine and Magic.  I’ll incorporate a brief visualization and a  group ritual to connect with the Her.

Henna Party! (Chele)

Join me for a henna party! Adorn your self with the sacred pigments of our land and learn a bit about this ancient form of body art. Designs start at $10

Power Animal Journey (Gwynna)

Learn the basics of shamanic journeying and take a journey to meet your Power Animal, discuss how to recognize and interpret animal omens, and explore ways of honoring animal powers in ritual and magickal work.  Workshop presenter Gwynna is an initiate of the NorthWind Tradition of American Wicca and a founding priestess of the Cauldron Tradition of Witchcraft, and is trained in shamanic journeying in the Cherokee Medicine Way.


Goddess Songs (The girlz)

Have you ever been to a gathering, or been a guest at an out of time ritual and everyone knew the songs and chants, but you?  Or, have you always wanted to just learn a couple of really cool pagan songs, but just could never quite remember all the words?  Join our beautiful sister and Priestess, Elaine as she shares several Goddess Songs she and her tribe sing on a regular basis.  This will be a fun one for everyone and something you can take back to your tribe!

Mandala Petal Creation and other Ritual Prep

You can stop by anytime throughout the weekend to create your own Petal for the Summerstar Mandala. We created this mandala in 2012 and are just going to keep on growing our Beautiful Mandala.  This is our woven tapestry of our combined Magick.   Weave yourself into the Magick, the Spirit and Life of Summerstar!

Astrology for Pagans – The Zodiac (Doug)

Astrology is the symbolic language to describe our relationship to the cosmos.  Most Pagans feel like they should know it (and they should!) but think it is too complicated.  But for anyone who has lived on earth through just one cycle of the 4 seasons, there is a simple pattern to the zodiac:  NATURE!!!  Join Doug as he delves into the relationship of our Sabbats with the zodiac signs and how to use the energy of the season with your magickal workings and moon rituals.



If you are a registered guest and you want to offer a workshop, please do so! Note, we typically do not charge attendee’s for workshops, if you wish to ask for donations, please be reasonable with your request.

To schedule your workshop, send us your topic, bio, and preferred meeting time (suggested length is 1 hour) which will be listed in the info booklet if received by June 10th, all are posted on the website if notice received by July 10th for pre-scheduled workshops.

IMPROMPTU workshops are welcome, just sign up on site as well.