Workshops & Events at Summerstar

R&R & Music & Talent

We’re super excited about our musical line up this year!  The Hinges are back!  If you missed their CD release party this spring, Buzz and Shine make sure you get it, or find the live stream of the event.  Plus, The Jacked Lords and The Lumen are certain to stave off any siesta nods on Saturday afternoon! 

OOH…. and there’s More!

We want to YOU to Show Us What You’ve Got! Yep – talent show is on for Friday evening! Check out the April edition of the PFA Gazette for how to sign up!  It’ll be a social hour the entire family can enjoy with you at the center.



The Hinges explore the not so straight line and their mutual love, of American folk,
jazz, experimental and psychedelic music as well as the evolution and history of
American harmony singing and songwriting.

The Hinges Buzz & Shine

SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! We want to see what you GOT Talent SHOW Bring IT!All acts are welcome - time limit is 5 min! Prizes awarded to the top 3 Acts!
The Lumen!! Are influenced by artists such as The Grateful Dead, The Band, Phish, Neil Young, and The Rolling Stones. We'll get you moving and keep you smiling
Olympia's premier surf band performing classic and original surf tunes from the 60's to present. Join us on Saturday afternoon for a surfin' good time as the Jacked Lords take you back to the time Annette and Frankie!!!


Primitive Games at Summerstar




Quidditch Pitch will be set up and ready for all, plus Giant Chess & Giant Checkers are waiting for YOU!  Fun for kids of all ages and abilities.   You can find out about Quidditch via the International Quidditch Association  GET YOUR BROOM ON!


Want to host a workshop, facilitate a discussion, offer a mini ritual-email Miria to get signed up! 

Final schedule & times are posted onsite

Drum Workshop  (The boyz)

Tips, practice and just plain drumming! Also, we’ll be learning several rhythms that will be played at the Sacred Fire all weekend. By the time you head home, you’ll be able to lead your own Drum Circles!

Sacred Imaging  (Audry)

Create custom works of art on clothing, alter cloths or banners. PLEASE bring your own COLORED medium; Such as T-shirts, jeans, fabric etc. Dark, bright, bold colored clothing or fabrics.  This is a great family activity and an excellent way to create unique memorabilia from your time at Summerstar.  Dress to get messy!  Children under 10 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Flatbread, Fry Bread, & Tortilla’s – Sacred Food of the Ancients and Today

This will be a multi-day Immersion into the Sacred Art of all that is the Flat Bread.  We shall gather our ingredients, infuse them with Love, Healing and Nurturing Vibes.  This bread will be the bread we break, eat and share with our community, family and friends the entire weekend.  We’ll start on Thursday and be ready for our Banquet on Saturday.  Participation is open to as many who wish, all ages welcome!  There is nothing more sacred than caring for our loved ones, nothing more grounding than eating good, nutritious and wholesome food.  Join me and help knead with your own hands positive vibrations that will help us to grow and connect with each other.  I’ve always believed that a well nourished and healthy body, heart and mind can only impart goodness, spread kindness and quite possibly be the catalyst that changes a person’s outlook.  Let’s take care of each other. – Miria

House Blessing Bead Strands (Cat & Panther)

Join Panther and Cat and create your very own Blessing Beads!  You’ll spend time creating your own strands and will load them with the right energy and love that’s sure to bring all the Goodness in!

Bee Dance (Cat & Panther)

Come and learn this inspired dance of the Bee and celebrate the Ancient Mother, bringing her to Life so that we may all celebrate our community, regenerate love, joy and compassion – it’s the sweetness of life that we wish to share!

Henna Party! (Chele)

Join me for a henna party! Adorn your self with the sacred pigments of our land and learn a bit about this ancient form of body art. Designs start at $10

 Scotch Time with Scott!
This laid back time will be happening at when-ever time, in what-ever intervals.  Must be 21 yrs or older (no babes in arms)


Candle Making with Kamie!

Even if you’re an old hand at dipping candles, this will be a treat!  And for those of you who have never made hand-dipped candles, this is the time!  We’ll have some supplies, or bring your own and let’s dip and infuse our candles with a magical intention. This will be certain to bring your own personal energy to your next Working, spell or that special evening. 



If you are a registered guest and you want to offer a workshop, please do so! Note, we typically do not charge attendee’s for workshops, if you wish to ask for donations, please be reasonable with your request.

To schedule your workshop, send us your topic, bio, and preferred meeting time (suggested length is 1 hour) which will be listed in the info booklet if received by June 10th, all are posted on the website if notice received by July 10th for pre-scheduled workshops.

IMPROMPTU workshops are welcome, just sign up on site as well.