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How Can I help at Summerstar?

We have a number of opportunities to ensure that things run smoothly and just plain get done.  Please see the check list below.  If you’d like to lead the effort for any of these please email Miria ahead of time, or just check the board at the kitchen/community hall and sign up.  We will appreciate every effort you can make.


DutyFrequency# of positionsAvailability
clean up
Sat after dinner2open
Banquet set upSat afternoon2open
Breakfast set up & clean upFri, Sat, Sun (shift is 9-11:30 am)2open
Kitchen MinionWork with Bonespendingpending
Potty & wash tub
3 times daily, Thurs, Fri, Sat2open


Our snail mail address is:

POB 12146
Olympia, WA 98508

Send general questions:

If you would like to contact any of the staff members, email Miria and she’ll forward your email to the appropriate person. In keeping with the standard Pagan Policy of Privacy, we don’t exchange any contact information about any guest members or staff members (we’re old school and all registrations are hand keyed!)

Well, while we’re on the subject, please keep in mind all Summerstar artwork is commissioned, copyright and is not available for reproduction except by permission, which include the Summerstar name and logo’s (current and previous). That would also include all photos taken and posted to our website.

Tribal Core
Miria – Robin – Bones – Bob – Kendall – Elaine – Lee